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Data Gluttony (01:13:57)
Austin Roe and Tim Harris discuss their bird counts from the previous two weeks, bird camouflage, and are birds really vanishing from North America?

September 29th 2019


Previous Episodes

Of Imidacloprid and Birds (01:18:41)
Austin Roe and Tim Harris go over bird counts for the past two weeks, talk bird migration for the fall and how to identify birds potentially staying around for winter, and Austin walks us through current research describing the impact of Neonicotinoids on birds and bird migration habits.

September 15th 2019


Birds in Migration and Hurricanes (01:07:59)
Austin Roe and Tim Harris rush back from summer break to discuss prepping your backyard during hurricane season and, in anticipation of fall migration, breakdown the various types of bird migration you may be encountering in the not too distant future.

September 1st 2019


Responsible Development (00:52:35)
Austin Roe and Tim Harris discuss pigeons taking over the Earth, the Army Core of Engineers, and checklists from the previous week!

August 4th 2019


Birds Learning How to 'Bird' (01:15:42)
Austin Roe and Tim Harris rehash Clay Taylor interview, contemplate whether or not birds are indeed real, how long do fledglings fledge, and go over checklists from the past week.

July 28th 2019


Birding with Clay Taylor (01:35:17)
Austin Roe and Tim Harris talk to Clay Taylor of Swarvski Optik.  Clay is a photographer and digiscoper having birded for more than thirty years sighting over 700 species of birds in North America.

July 21st 2019


Nature Shall Rest in Peace
Austin Roe and Tim Harris discuss Hurricane Barry and algae, what to do if birds nest in your house, checklists, and a new BPB Challenge for the week

July 14th 2019


Do not feed the baby birds!
Austin Roe and Tim Harris discuss cool bird news, baby birds eating habits, and our weekly checklists

July 7th 2019


Let the bird grow up will ya!
Austin Roe and Tim Harris discuss birding the last week of June and fledgling bird behavior you may see at or near your feeders.

June 30th 2019


Birds of Summer
Tim Harris and Austin Roe discuss the new birds featured in the Audobon 2020 Calendar, super intelligent birds spotted at a bird feeder near you for the summer, and more!

June 23rd 2019


We are back!
Austin Roe and Tim Harris reconnect after two long weeks and discuss The Trinity Park Project in Dallas, Birding in NYC, Optic 2019, and checklists.

June 16th 2019


Celebrating red, white, and blue
The Back Porch Birding Podcast Episode 13 discussed origins of a bird saying, breaks down nature in red, white, and blue, and checklists for the week

May 26th 2019


A Tribute to Backyards
Austin Roe and Tim Harris discuss stupid things people do, preparing feeders for summer, and checklists from last week.

May 19th 2019


Momma Birds Day
Austin Roe and Tim Harris discuss mother birds to be, eBird global day tally, bird news, and more!

May 12th 2019


Celebrating Global Big Day 2019
Austin Roe and Tim Harris discuss our favorite cowbird tweet, birding on the Global Big Day 2019, and Austin attempts to ID a bird using audio Tim captured

May 5th 2019


Spring Housekeeping
Austin Roe and Tim Harris discuss our checklists for the week, answer questions from our listening audience, and discuss a bit of spring time news!

April 21st 2019


Spring Time Discoveries
Austin takes a grand adventure to Cheyenne Bottoms and Quivira National Wildlife Refuge, while Tim attempts to identify a bird from recent photographs. Thrilling suspense is in store for our listening audience.

April 14th 2019


Feeder Talk
The Back Porch Birding Podcast discusses attracting your favorite migrants to your house with the right feeders and seed, Austin has a surprise to share with listeners, and Austin and Tim share their birding highlights for the week.

April 7th 2019


Planting, banding, and parking lot bird photography
In todays episode we talk about planting, banding, and have a tip to share about photographing birds in parking lots - who wouldve thought THAT was possible.

March 31st 2019


Spring Prepping
Tim Harris and Austin Roe discuss scouting for birding locations and provide tips and tricks to make sure everything is ready to go for your birding trip. We also dive into our checklists for the first week of spring.

March 24th 2019


Going Green for Birds
The Back Porch Birding Podcast with Austin Roe and Tim Harris talk green birds in Kansas and Texas this Saint Patricks day and ramble on and on about their birding sessions during Spring Break.

March 17th 2019


Springing Forward for 2019
The Back Porch Birding Podcast discusses our favorite time of year - Spring!

March 10th 2019


It’s the Back Porch Birding Podcast First Episode!
(and Austin’s birthday)

March 3rd 2019