Show notes for Episode 5 “Planting, banding, and parking lot bird photography”

In today’s episode we talk about planting, banding, and have a tip to share about photographing birds in parking lots – who would’ve thought THAT was possible. Planting Ideal for cover Rose bush attracted yellow-rumped warblers, juncos, white-crown sparrows (juveniles and adults) Be on the lookout when planting bushes for birds.  They may attract more […]

Show notes for Episode 4 “Spring Prepping”

Cleaning out the bird bath The problem with the Merlin app I knew I had identified a Bewick’s Wren and would have been totally comfortable with the ID, however… Merlin took my photo and suggested I had found a Rock Wren Cue the DRAMA! Austin provide color on field identification How does Austin use Merlin? […]

Show notes for Episode 3 “Going Green for Birds”

The luck of the Irish (refresher) The luck of the Irish (refresher) Patrick traveled Ireland starting in 433 AD and spent 40 years converting others to Christianity The first color of St. Patrick’s Day was blue, but was saved to green in the 17th century Wearing green makes you invisible to leprechauns Reference – […]

Show notes for Episode 2 “Springing Forward for 2019”

Title:  We’re figuring it outDescription:  The Back Porch Birding Podcast discusses our favorite time of year – Spring!We’re springing forward on the Back Porch Birding Podcast.  On today’s episode Austin and I discuss various approaches to bird identification come spring , field guides and apps we like to use, and actual counts we are preparing […]

Show notes for Episode 1

Did you know you share the birthday of the famous ornithologist Henry Henshaw?“A young man with an eye sharp enough to distinguish a Baird’s sandpiper from its notoriously confusing kin was surely a naturalist with considerable promise.” LINK: Where were we? and why? and for how long? Tim: New York CityAustin: Milford Lake, my wife was doing […]