Show notes for Episode 4 “Spring Prepping”

Cleaning out the bird bath

  • The problem with the Merlin app
    • I knew I had identified a Bewick’s Wren and would have been totally comfortable with the ID, however…
      • Merlin took my photo and suggested I had found a Rock Wren
    • Cue the DRAMA!
    • Austin provide color on field identification
      • How does Austin use Merlin?
  • A Conversation started on facebook page

Preparing for your Spring Visit

  • Location, location, location…
  • Gear
    • Check gear for wear and tear
      • [Austin] Camera, binoculars, sketching equipment, etc.
      • [Tim] Everything has to be waterproof
        • bag has enough room for three lenses, macro, landscape lens (24-70mm), and zoom lens
        • battery, batteries, and memory cards
        • lens attachments
        • NO ROOM FOR BOOKS! 🙁
    • Use equipment in a controlled environment
      • Photos in house, record your self talking, sketches of dog or from field guide
    • Light field practice
      • Feeder birds, add element of surprise
    • Ready for field
      • Take good notes (especially for species that you’re seeing for the first time)
        • Color patterns, size, stance, behavior, where you saw the bird, or anything else helpful to identification 
      • Take a quick sketch
        • Doesn’t have to be the best drawing
      • [Tim] Just take crappy pictures.  That’s about all he can do for identification.
  • Repellent

To the checklists!

  • Tim tally
  • Austin tally
    • 44 species
      • No lifers, but found every woodpecker species that occurs in Kansas
  • Highlights
    • Tim: Eastern Phoebes, Belted Kingfisher and a very photogenic Blue Jay
    • Austin: Eastern Phoebes, Common Grackles, Great-horned Owl
      • Other migrants: Turkey Vulture, flocks of Red-winged Blackbirds (not a migrant, but they have accumulated into their breeding flocks)

What are we reading

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