Show notes for Episode 9 “Birding for the Color Impaired”

Cleaning out the bird bath Tim places a mealworm blend in the front yard Robins arrive two days later Sparrows love it The backyards not so much wide open space Austin to walk Tim registering a hotspot on eBird Global Big Day is coming up! Tim:Strategies What hotspots do I shoot for? Ask our listening […]

Show notes for Episode 8 “Spring Housekeeping”

News Migration is here! Stay tuned to http://birdcast.infofor up to date migration information doppler (live) info Tim uses doppler radar signatures to detect large groupings A very cool trick for the upcoming Big Day Monarch butterflies population has declined by more than 80 percent Cleaning out the Bird Bath Update from Tim’s birding […]

Show notes for Episode 7 “Spring Time Discoveries”

Austin takes a grand adventure to Cheyenne Bottoms and Quivira National Wildlife Refuge, while Tim attempts to identify a bird from recent photographs.  Thrilling suspense is in store for our listening audience.  This is episode 7 of the Back Porch Birding Podcast. Introductions I just don’t understand birds and the weather. I am now seeing scissor-tailed […]