Show notes for Episode 6 “Feeder Talk”

The Back Porch Birding Podcast discusses attracting your favorite migrants to your house with the right feeders and seed.

Figuring out what kind of birds you want to seeCornell Labbird seed resource (View it here)

  • See a bird on the listthat you would like to see at your feeder
  • Check field guideto make sure that the bird occurs in your area
  • Look at the feeder typethat they visit most often (at the bottom of the page on the seed resource) 

Type of bird seed

  • Blends versus natural
    • Tim mostly uses blends because he’s at Walmart and that’s the cheapest.
    • When he’s at home, though, he uses natural in the front feeder.  Cardinals dig the sunflower chips
  • Tim uses
    • Harvest Songbird blend
      • black oil sunflower seed, millet, milo, safflower seed, striped sunflower seed, chipped sunflower seed
    • Suet
    • Pennington Sunflower chips
  • Austin uses:

Types of bird feeders

Spacing out your bird feeder(s)

  • From house
  • From feeder
    • How does Austin attract hummingbirds?

The Back Porch Birding Podcast Checklist time!
Austin spied a Says Phoebe

Checklist Highlights

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