Show notes for Episode 8 “Spring Housekeeping”


Cleaning out the Bird Bath

  • Update from Tim’s birding encounter.  It’s a yellow-rumped warbler!  Let’s hear it again!
    • Let us pause for Yellow-rumped Warbler sound
    • Birding is super bizarre
      • I’m tracking down a weird sound from a tree populated with yellow-rumped warblers and  clay-colored sparrows.
      • Turns out the clay-colored sparrow was just a freak encounter
  • Freak event from today
    • Wife and I are enjoying the brightest yellow American Goldfinch you’ve ever seen.
      • a hawk swoops outfrom nowhere diving for the bird
      • Who said birding wasn’t exciting

Mailbag (a.k.a questions for Austin)

  • Pamela G asksCommon Grackle, Northern Mockingbird, Northern Cardinal, Green Heron. I’m sure there is more that I don’t see. But my wintering Painted Bunting population has reduced by half and the male is still here. Do they pair off before the male migrates north again? I can’t find any info on that specifically.


  • Tim’s highlights: Yellow-crown night heron – which I accidentally stumbled upon at a public park, the American Goldfinch from today (my wife identified the bird), and the yellow headed blackbird (my wife identified as well).
    • Yellow-crown Night Heron – when roosting, the yellow-crown night heron is known to FREEZE not fly off (photographers take note).
    • Tim’s Red-bellied Woodpecker video can be seen here
  • Austin’s highlights: Osprey-bird #206, Pileated Woodpecker– seen near Republican River; never seen them before in this area especially on the ground, Lark Sparrow– first of the year, Northern Parula– finally back and singing at Konza Prairie

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