Show notes for Episode 11 “Momma Birds Day”

Taking out the Bird Bath

  • Clifford Hawley included step by step instructions how to “request a hotspot”

Global Big Day Tally around the world
From the eBird email blast

  • In April 2019, eBirders worldwide contributed 1,066,038 checklists of birds. This is up 16% over April last year.
  • The total number of eBird observations is now 648,469,494. You can stay tuned with the current number of species, checklists, and users on eBird’s homepage. 
  • Link

From our Facebook Page (

  • Big Day Photo Megathread
    • K. Archer posted a gorgeous photo of an Indigo Bunting and Brown Pelican which is worth taking a look
    • Austin has a photo of…a beaver?Muskrat haha
  • Big Day Blunder
    • K. Archer was stuck in bad weather
      • Thought those green doppler blips were birds, eh?

Show Segment

  • What’s one takeaway from our Global Big Day that we can take back to our feeders?

In the News
Eagles and a Great Horned Owl Poisoned byCarbofuran (sold as Furadan)

Bat-winged Dinosaur (Ambopteryx longibranchium)

Coolest Gadget
Biodegradable Cooler




  • Total: 18
  • Lifer alert – Olive-sided Flycatcher, American Redstart
  • Audio alert – catbird

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