Show notes for Episode 12 “A Tribute to Backyards”

Cleaning out the Bird Bath

  • Update from Kevin Archer
    • I used a Nikon d7200 and sigma 100-400mm contemporary lens.
    • I did my first bird count this past December for the Christmasbird count. I had plans for big day already.  Y’all still did inspire me to go out even in the inclement weather lol.  The winds were up to 60mph and torrential rains.  I logged 20 species before I ended because of the weather. I did see a common loon that should have left already but hasn’t and is still in the area.

In the News

  • Feral Parrots taking over America(Gizmodo)
    • 56 parrot species living in the wild across 23 U.S. states. Of those, 25 species have formed breeding colonies
    • How do scientists know?
      • The researchers determined that a bird population was “established” if birdwatchers had observed the species 25 or more times (a purposely high but relatively arbitrary number) and if records included observations of breeding
      • monk parakeet accounted for more than a third of the observations, while red-crowned Amazons and Nanday parakeets accounted for 13.3 percent and 11.9 percent of the sightings
      • Monk Parakeets are particularly good at surviving in human-altered habitats.
  • Source

SegmentTim reads from Facebook

  • Inspiration for this show
    • From The Texas Birding Facebook Group
  • Advice? Suggestions? This simple feeder is the only one I have. We have a pair of cardinals that enjoy it and I’d like to keep them! However, everyday when my husband gets home from work he removes the feeder because by evening time there will be more than 10 doves and probably more than 20 sparrows and now cowbird too – all sitting in the Crepe Myrtle tree or on the ground under it. They are noisy and busy. My husband worries they annoy the neighbors. I’d rather just encourage our cardinals! What to do?
    • What would Austin do?
    • What would Tim do?



Caption this bird

Great Egret by Back Porch Birding Podcast Listener Kevin Archer
Mockingbird with a cricket in its beak by Back Porch Birding Podcast host Tim Harris
Killdeer by Back Porch Birding Podcast Co-host Austin Roe


  • Tim
    • 34 species
    • Highlights (Lifers)
      • Mississippi Kite
        • Cross between a falcon and a Kestrel, but solid gray.
      • Blackburnian Warbler
    • Checklist
      • Yellow Warblers
        • Immatures are partially gray
        • Good way to tell, at least to me, is who else are the birds next to.  Takes out some of the guessing work.
      • Waterbirds on my lunch break!
  • Austin
    • 36 species
    • Highlights
      • Purple Martin (#220)
        • Males are completely dark purple/black
        • Females are dark purple/black with a white/gray underside
        • I heard Common Nighthawks vocalizing and wanted to see them in my yard, then heard another bird that I wasn’t familiar with and noticed them at the neighbors bird house
      • Eastern Wood Pewee
        • First of the year
        • Heard this morning and started imitating
        • Always confuse with Eastern Phoebe

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