Show notes for Episode 14 “We are back!”


  • In the past two weeks
    • Hockey
      • St Louis Blues win
    • Basketball
      • Raptors winning

Back Porch Gossip

At Optic 2019 (Cool technology)

  • Gathering of nature and landscape photography nerds
    • some were even of the bird variety
  • I got to sample cool technology
    • Austin to remind us how he shoots birds
    • Digiscoping
    • Traditional camera work
      • Sony just announced their 600mm f4
        • with teleconverters that’s pretty powerful
  • Some interesting bird “facts” I heard from the show
    • Birds in Flight seminar
      • birds like to poop prior to taking off
    • Photographer photographs hummingbirds in flight
      • Using flash-4 flash setup
      • low low light
  • Resources

Central Park Birding

  • When you hear the sparrows chirping you know there are people and cars nearby
  • met birders from all over
    • met birders from Connecticut
    • met a retired schoolteacher (librarian) birder
      • has an old journal and binoculars
      • upheld the honor system
    • met a random birder.
  • Park mythology
    • Captain’s chair
      • a captain sat in this chair always disgruntled at the birders who would wonder into his area
    • Turtle Pond
      • “No more turtles in the pod”
      • people would keep turtles in the bathtub.  Parents dumped them in the pond.
  • Resources


  • Tim
    • 37 species
    • Lifers: Yellow-billed Cuckoo,Black-crowned Night-Heron,Warbling Vireo,Wood Thrush, Wood duck
      • I was shooting a catbird when I noticed a mockingbird looking bird with a curvy beak.
      • Had a great vantage point of a pond when the warbling vireo just perched in front of me
      • Wood Thrush has the prettiest song
      • Wood duck
        • magical moment
          • photographing Mallards when all of a sudden a Wood duck emerged from grass brush
    • Highlights: Gray Catbird and Great Crested Flycatcher
      • never seen so many catbirds
  • Austin
    • No checklists, I’ve been too busy
    • Still some lifers
      • Tons of Mississippi Kites in town, a swan (unable to identify) at a park, Sora’s at one of our study sites, Great-tailed Grackles during a run through the fairgrounds

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