Show notes for Episode 16 “Let the bird grow up will ya!”

Cleaning out the bird bath

  • Funniest thing happened to me the other day
  • National Geographic concert was unreal!
    • KELLY CORCORAN conducting
    • Dallas symphony played while video was playing of some of the most iconic National Geographic imagery and video throughout the past hundred years
      • Just got goose bumps when the National Geographic theme played
  • Congrats to Sarah Winnicki on defending her thesis!
  • AOS is going on in Alaska right now and if any listeners are there I hope you checked out Dylan Smith’s poster about the effects of drought on grassland birds, great info, great visual, and my name is even on it!


  • Last week of June…Here comes July!
    • What comes to your mind?
      • 4th of July and sound!
  • I took plenty pictures of birds with their beaks open appearing to be dying of thirst
    • What are they really doing?

When birds leaves the nest

  • What could be happening?
  • What is Austin seeing in nests out in Kansas today?
  • Example(s)
    • I photographed a young baby blue jay looking around for its momma


  • Tim: 14 species
    • Highlights: Tufted titmouse
  • Austin: 9 species
    • Highlights: Black-capped Chickadee using warning calls (I got four “Dees”), Common Nighthawk, American Crow making unusual noise

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