Show notes for Episode 17 “Do not feed the baby birds!”

Cleaning out the bird bath

  • Austin blog update
  • Morning Dove update


Nazca drawing courtesy of M. EDA
  • Nazca Bird Drawings Mystery Solved!
  • Rare bird discovery in UK
    • Orange bird not really able to fly well
    • Those who sighted the bird”rescued” it somehow driving it t Tiggywinkles Wildlife Hospital
    • Upon further inspection…cleaning…er taste testing for that matter what was a rare bird turned out to be a sea gull covered in tumeric!
    • Wondering how bird was logged in eBird
      • Possible curry bird sighting?
    • On a serious note
      • Tumeric is used in Indian customs all the time
      • It’s the main spice in Kumkuma — a powder seen in red, pink, blue, or yellow used on social occasions and religious markings
        • Sprinkled on animals to indicate their holy nature
        • Unfortunately in this case, the sea gull was not able to fly because it was caked in the spice
  • Resources

Segment – What and how much do baby birds eat?

  • Every 10 to 20 minutes for 12-14 hours day
  • Resources
  • And should I set out anything different at my feeder?
    • Don’t feed baby birds!
    • If you believe the birds to be malnourished then call a bird rescue organization
      • Ask Austin what are the signs to look for when a bird is malnourished
    • If you see the same family visiting your feeders more than once or twice a day then its probably best to put the feeders away for a few
  • Know what kinds of food wild birds eat!
    • Frugivorous – fruit eating birds
      • Think orioles and waxwings
    • Granivorous – seed eating birds
      • Most sparrows and finches
    • Insectivorous- birds which feed on mosquitoes, dragonflies, gnats, and other insects
      • Reserved for flycatchers and warblers
    • Resources
  • Food to put out for the parents


  • Tim- 20 species
    • Highlights – Ruby-throated hummingbird, Green Heron
  • Austin- No checklists
    • Highlights – baby Barn Swallows (show cover)

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