Show notes for Episode 23 “Of Imidacloprid and Birds”

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  • Bear Creek Park Neighborhood
  • World Market

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Taking out the bird bath

  • How did Austin do with his interview?

Tim: 28 birds | Highlights: Wilson’s Warbler
Austin: 11 birds| 22 fish| Highlights: Orangethroat DarterSlender MadtomLog Perch

Segment – Migration from fall to winter

  • What you may be seeing or NOT seeing at your feeders right now
    • Hummingbird migration is still in full swing
    • Sparrows
      • Grasshopper sparrows / Fox sparrows (fall)
      • Harris’s sparrows / White-crowned sparrows (winter) / White-throated sparrows (winter) / Tree sparrows (winter)
    • Warblers
    • What does the farmer’s almanac say about our fall / winter season?

Segment – Color around rose bush dying

  • Witch’s Broom
    • Witch’s broom virus causes vigorous growth of affected rose canes.
      • Cause
        • Witch’s broom is caused by a virus spread by tiny woolly mites (Phyllocoptes fructiphilus).
    • Resources
    • Discuss birding and how its changed for everyone near where they live due to urban development, farming

Segment – Neonicotinoids kill

Neonicotinoids is considered an insecticide and shouldn’t impact organic foods…vegetarians rejoice!

The study


  • Imidacloprid, even at extremely low doses, has an appetite-suppressing effect on the sparrows.
  • High-dosed sparrows hung around the stopover site for an extra 3.5 days recovering from their intoxication
  • An extra 3.5-day delay in migration can mean the sparrows might miss their chance to breed

Segment — Why I love to bird

  • I bird every work day pretty much at the same place same time (which is noonish)
    • Imagine my surprise when I went down one afternoon and was surprised to hear new sounds…definitely warblers
    • Wilson Warblers we’re moving up and down vegetation growth devouring an oak tree
    • Never seen anything like it!Must be theBack Porch Birding Effect

Segment — Cool Warbler facts

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