Show notes for Episode 24 “Data Gluttony”

Shout outs

Fine Art Exhibition in Frisco

  • Kevin Megison and CJ Cowden
    • Kevin’s wife is a birder
      • complained about the building around her ranch and how the noise scared away her birds
      • had a lot of questions
      • why weren’t the birds stopping at the feeders regardless?
      • is this a sign of things to come?  Will the birds come back?

Cleaning out the Bird bath

Mystery ID from my trip out to Keller Tx

  • spizella sparrow of some sort, either a Chipping or a Clay-colored


Tim highlights: Loggerhead Shrike, American Kestrel, and yellow warblers (48 birds for the two week span)

American Kestrel facts

  • Beautiful bird with distinct eye markings, golden breast, and cool gray wings
  • originally called a Sparrow hawk
  • prefers beetles and mice over birds (I don’t think the birds know that…)
  • Austin has plenty of info!

Austin: American Kestrels everywhere, Franklin’s Gulls migrating, Monarch Butterflies

Segment — Is bird camouflage really a thing?

General observations

  • Sparrows – General hypothesis that female sparrows blend in with their nest and immediate surroundings
  • Penguins – black and white
    • White – belly helps confuse predators from below (er above if they are in the water)
    • Black – confuses predators from above
  • Birds see on a different spectrum
    • General thought is birds see in ultraviolet
    • Can hide from predators

Segment — Birds are vanishing from North America Postmortem

What books are we reading?

Tim: Book of Texas Birds by Gary Clark and Kathy Adams Clark

Austin: Sibley Guide to Bird Life and Behavior by David Allen Sibley

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