Show notes for Episode 24 “Data Gluttony”

Shout outs Fine Art Exhibition in Frisco Kevin Megison and CJ Cowden Kevin’s wife is a birder complained about the building around her ranch and how the noise scared away her birds had a lot of questions why weren’t the birds stopping at the feeders regardless? is this a sign of things to come?  Will […]

Show notes for Episode 23 “Of Imidacloprid and Birds”

Shout out Bear Creek Park Neighborhood World Market Bird Watching NC Contact Details My website was created as a resource to bring birders, bloggers, photographers, tour guides and bird focused vendors together, across North Carolina. If you’re a birdwatcher based in North Carolina and have a story to tell, with some great photos or video […]

Show notes for Episode 22 “Birds in Migration and Hurricanes”

Cleaning out the bird bath Time in the sun Listeners catching up with reading Naming Nature – Clash between instinct and science New schedule We will be recording twice monthly Look to our new Facebook calendarfor details Migration Flight paths and destination Types of bird migration Seasonal: move between breeding and non-breeding ranges. Latitudinal: often determined […]

Show notes for Episode 21 “Responsible Development”

Birding at Stillhouse Hollow Lake I watched a male cardinal feed the first clutch comprised of two fledglings not sure if my photography captured it Wearing Off spray…heeding my own advice Question for Austin: When I see a birding hotspot on eBird…does that mean its a hotspot now at this moment of time or has been […]

Show notes for Episode 20 “Birds Learning How to ‘Bird’”

News Birds aren’t real Satire or just too crazy According to some, birds are just a cover story to a vast conspiracy started in the 70s Question Satire or not, how far does “fake news” set back science Resources Airbus “Bird of Prey” Concept “… has wing and tail structures that mimic those of […]

Show notes for Episode 19 “Birding with Clay Taylor”

Meet Clay Taylor Introduction Background Backyard News The next pandemic could come from bird poop Birds eating horseshoe crab eggs on the Jersey shore pose a public health risk Scientist drive out every spring taking samples of bird poop to keep tabs on new strains of flu which could develop Resources Dozens of birds drop out […]

Show notes for Episode 18 “Nature Shall Rest in Peace”

Cleaning out the Bird BathFacebook Page Group Created! You may find it here. News Winners of the Audubon Bird a competition Resources\_20190711\_eng-email\_apa-winners&utm\_source=ea&utm\_medium=email&utm\_campaign=engagement\_20190711\_eng-email&utm\_content=apa-winners What does Hitchcock’s movie The Birds have in common with the closing of all Mississippi beaches? Answer: Algae Blue-green algae blooms have invaded Mississippi beaches Cyanobacteria are toxic blue-green algae blooms which […]

Show notes for Episode 17 “Do not feed the baby birds!”

Cleaning out the bird bath Austin blog update Morning Dove update News Nazca Bird Drawings Mystery Solved! Research group attempted to identify 16 birds out of 2000 drawings Hummingbird reclassified as a Hermit Hummingbird — tails are forked or fan shaped Hermit — long and thin bill, short legs, three toes facing the same direction, […]

Show notes for Episode 16 “Let the bird grow up will ya!”

Cleaning out the bird bath Funniest thing happened to me the other day National Geographic concert was unreal! KELLY CORCORAN conducting Dallas symphony played while video was playing of some of the most iconic National Geographic imagery and video throughout the past hundred years Just got goose bumps when the National Geographic theme played […]

Show notes for Episode 15 “Birds of Summer”

Audubon Calendar 2020 Focus on photographers who entered the Audubon Photography Competiton Run through birds of the month Cleaning out the bird bath New listeners Anyone is welcome to post on our main thread We love to share photos with the community…especially when they are cowbird related Prehistoric penguin: Hesperornis regalis Bird Intelligence Introductions General observations […]