Show notes for Episode 24 “Data Gluttony”

Shout outs Fine Art Exhibition in Frisco Kevin Megison and CJ Cowden Kevin’s wife is a birder complained about the building around her ranch and how the noise scared away her birds had a lot of questions why weren’t the birds stopping at the feeders regardless? is this a sign of things to come?  Will […]

Show notes for Episode 23 “Of Imidacloprid and Birds”

Shout out Bear Creek Park Neighborhood World Market Bird Watching NC Contact Details My website was created as a resource to bring birders, bloggers, photographers, tour guides and bird focused vendors together, across North Carolina. If you’re a birdwatcher based in North Carolina and have a story to tell, with some great photos or video […]

Show notes for Episode 21 “Responsible Development”

Birding at Stillhouse Hollow Lake I watched a male cardinal feed the first clutch comprised of two fledglings not sure if my photography captured it Wearing Off spray…heeding my own advice Question for Austin: When I see a birding hotspot on eBird…does that mean its a hotspot now at this moment of time or has been […]