Show notes for Episode 11 “Momma Birds Day”

Taking out the Bird Bath Clifford Hawley included step by step instructions how to “request a hotspot” Global Big Day Tally around the worldFrom the eBird email blast In April 2019, eBirders worldwide contributed 1,066,038 checklists of birds. This is up 16% over April last year. The total number of eBird observations is now 648,469,494. You […]

Show notes for Episode 10 “Celebrating Global Big Day 2019”

Cleaning out the bird bath Why Cowbird are ok. Sarah K Winnicki Coolest takeaway Nature’s fail-safe: “Finches feed their nestlings too many plant parts for cowbirds to survive—they need insects and will almost always starve to death in finch nests.” Preparation for the day Logistics Tim: Chair, water, charging batteries, bug spray Austin: Camera, […]

Show notes for Episode 9 “Birding for the Color Impaired”

Cleaning out the bird bath Tim places a mealworm blend in the front yard Robins arrive two days later Sparrows love it The backyards not so much wide open space Austin to walk Tim registering a hotspot on eBird Global Big Day is coming up! Tim:Strategies What hotspots do I shoot for? Ask our listening […]