Show notes for Episode 5 “Planting, banding, and parking lot bird photography”

In today’s episode we talk about planting, banding, and have a tip to share about photographing birds in parking lots – who would’ve thought THAT was possible. Planting Ideal for cover Rose bush attracted yellow-rumped warblers, juncos, white-crown sparrows (juveniles and adults) Be on the lookout when planting bushes for birds.  They may attract more […]

Show notes for Episode 4 “Spring Prepping”

Cleaning out the bird bath The problem with the Merlin app I knew I had identified a Bewick’s Wren and would have been totally comfortable with the ID, however… Merlin took my photo and suggested I had found a Rock Wren Cue the DRAMA! Austin provide color on field identification How does Austin use Merlin? […]